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The Pickup Truck Headache Rack Accessory: Its Design and Purpose

When someone buys a pickup truck for the first time and starts shopping for truck accessories, this person may be looking for items such as running boards, grill guards or steps to get in and out of the truck bed easily. In the lists of accessories at various websites the new truck owner sees something called a headache rack. That may sound like a strange designation for a truck accessory, but its purpose signifies how it got this nickname.

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The headache rack, which is sometimes called a head rack or a cab protector bedliner san antonio, fits behind the cab’s back window. The rack design allows the driver to see through the back window when looking in the rear view mirror. The purpose of these very sturdy truck accessories is to prevent anything being hauled in the truck bed from smashing up against the back window in the event of a sudden stop or an abrupt turn down a steep hill at high speed. Without that rack, the window could even break under the impact. The vehicle owner might have a literal headache as well as the additional headache of having to get the window replaced.

There are many different rack styles for this product, so vehicle owners can choose one that fits their preferences on how they want their truck to look. Some have rails that go straight across horizontally. The racks may cover the entire window or only the area behind the driver’s and passenger seats, with an open space between. Some have angled louvers that block sun and help the cab stay cooler. These products can be considered a comfort feature as well as a safety one. The headache rack is a smart accessory for a person who hauls lumber and other building materials, ladders and other equipment, or any kind of cargo that might shift and hit the back window. For obvious reasons, they are popular truck features for owners of flatbed trucks.

A manufacturer such as san antonio ranch hand makes black and white headache racks and many other truck accessories for the owners of pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. From the manufacturer’s catalog, people can choose products known as haulers that include cargo lights above the headache racks. Bed rails are available to securely attach the rack to the truck. Headache rack pricing generally depends on whether the owner needs a heavy-duty version or can get by with a lighter-duty model.

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